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Mountain bike in Morocco

Discover antique Morocco in MOUNTAIN BIKE, the imperial cities, oases and Berber valleys, desert and mountain.

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Bike ride Paradis Valley

from65€ TTC

This circuit of a day will allow you to discover some neighborhood of Agadir.


Before the departure, you will meet a team of raid to give yourselves the instructions as well as the equipment of necessary protection for more safety. Departure planned at 9 am in the morning of your hotel towards the Valley of the Paradise via Alma's road. During several kilometers you can take advantage of the fresh air, the sun and the landscapes which will parade under your eyes. Discover the valley of the Paradise, the wonderful site which will offer you breathtaking landscapes: small oases in palm trees, olive trees and almond trees. You will have the opportunity to taste a nice picnic at the foot of the magnificent waterfall. We shall borrow then a runway surrounded by green forest before taking back the car towards Aourir and Agadir.

The excursion lasts one day.

65 € by participant with picnic (based on 4 participants)

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