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Mountain bike in Morocco

Discover antique Morocco in MOUNTAIN BIKE, the imperial cities, oases and Berber valleys, desert and mountain.

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Bike ride Taggadirt

from60€ TTC

This circuit of a day will allow you to discover some neighborhood of Agadir.


Before the departure, you will meet a team of raid to give yourselves the instructions as well as the material of necessary protection for more safety. Departure planned towards 9 o'clock in the morning in the direction of the surroundings of Agadir. On your MOUNTAIN BIKE, you will travel Iligh and Alma's road to discover the hot source Taggadirt situated in the village of Ain Skhouna. This hot source is almost unknown tourists but also local inhabitants. She is ideal for the rheumatisms and other muscular bothers. You will taste a nice picnic in the shade before resuming the stroll. Via tracks, we shall return to your hotel.

The excursion lasts one day.

60€ by participant with picnic (based on 4 participants)

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