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Journeys with themes Morocco

Catch itself, surpass itself, be guided by the discovery of new areas, the meeting with other people, other landscapes, other events: sport, Fauna, Ornithology, Thalassotherapy, gastronomy, music...

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Circuits with Theme from the tourist areas of Morocco

The country of the setting sun offers all the seductions of the bewitching East. His gastronomy reveals new flavors every time we sit down to eat. His palaces chérifiens surrounded with luxurious gardens, his souks, the fantasia and its rites.

Of It 4 you tours suggests visiting Morocco with a thematic approach. Discover Morocco according to your tastes and center of personal interest.

Our proposals:

  • Culture
  • Reshaping
  • Flora and fauna 
  • Music 
  • Sport 
  • Gastronomy 
  • Pictures
  • Archaeology

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