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Surf in Morocco

Surfing and kitesurfing on the most beautiful sites of glide and water sports that we find on the beaches of the coast the Atlantic Ocean of Morocco.

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Surf in Morocco

Beginner, amateur or professional, IT'S 4 YOU TOURS organizes you, stay surfing, excursion or surfing kitesurf on the best spots of Morocco: Tangier, Kenitra, Rabat, Safi, Essaouira, Taghazout, Agadir, Mirleft, Dakhla...

Stay Surfing to Tamraght in.. PROGRAM :

Tamghart, not far from Agadir, is considered as its famous surfing spots. With waves between 1 and 4 meters, every surfer will find what he is looking for there. The least experimented will find waves at their height because when waves roar on a...

Stay Surfing to Mirleft in Morocco.. PROGRAM :

No matter your level (amateur or professional), you will find in the region of the ideal conditions to surf on magnificent waves....