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Circuits minibus ou 4x4 & Trekking

Discover Morocco in circuits in minibus or 4x4 either on the march: hikes, equestrian, chamelières and camel safaris, in the desert in mountain and on the Atlantic Coast.

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Circuits from all the tourist areas of Morocco

It is at the heart of Morocco, that we go of make you travel, thanks to our fabulous circuits, you to make discover or rediscover Morocco, its culture, its hospitality, its inhabitants, its landscapes through circuits studied to leave you magic memories of Morocco...

Be then allowed carry by the Moroccan atmosphere, at the rate of the crossed villages, met people, adventures 4x4 the wild runways, moments of peace in bivouacs, in medinas, and in the middle of nowhere. The journey and the Moroccan sets are breathtaking!

We propose you many circuits from Agadir

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