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Tips for preparing his trip to Morocco


Morocco is an Islamic country, please respect the religious traditions and customs.
Be respectful of Muslim places of worship.

  • If you are invited to eat, you use your right hand, taste everything, but do not feel obliged to finish your plate. 
  • Do not refuse a glass of mint tea.

Climate, Clothing

  • We advise you to travel to Morocco especially in spring and autumn, the climate is more temperate especially for cities like Marrakech, Fez and Meknes. 
  • For parts of the Sahara we advise you to go between October and February. 
  • In winter still expect a jacket and clothes-season. For other seasons enough light clothing, just take a little jacket for evenings. 
  • Avoid wearing miniskirts and shorts. Consider also that on the beach nudism and topless are prohibited.


  • If you want to take pictures of Moroccan or Moroccan ask them for permission. 
  • Also remember that you've forbidden photographing military areas and some museums.

Exchange Rates and Payment

  • To know the exchange rates please see the converter
  • Means of payment in Morocco in department stores are about the same as in France, but you Bring cash for any other purchases. 
  • You can withdraw cash by credit card, and pay by credit card or traveler's checks. 
  • You do not limit the importation of currency, by cons you can neither import nor exported in Moroccan currency.

It prohibits the Moroccan dirham remain on their land!

  • If you want to go into banks to do the currency exchange, you can get there from Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 12am and from 14:30 to 16h. Friday is a special day because it is the great prayer of the day so the banks close early in the morning and opened later in the afternoon. (May vary by city and season) 

During Ramadan is open from 9h to 14h.